Three Broomsticks

I hope you do find the name familiar, especially if you’re a true Harry Potter fan. Not only the designs of the cafe is similar to that in Harry Potter, even the drinks served are magical potions.

cafe sign in vietnamese – i’m guessing it means three broomsticks
the wooden exterior infrastructure; like in Harry Potter, the cafe is narrow in size horizontally but has a few levels up
the entrance of the cafe

There are many different rooms in the cafe on different levels. Each room has a specific design and may have a specific function too. It will be a nice cafe to throw a themed party.

this is one of the rooms available; you can screen movies and it’s designed in a ‘dementors-like’ theme
one other room

I did not take photos of all the rooms, or a lot of photos of the interior but you should definitely pay a visit if you’re in Ho Chi Minh City. Designs aside, let us take a look at the menu and some drinks and food I ordered!

the menu itself feels very vintage and is in parchment papers
fruit juice with weird/harry potter-ish names
milk/coffee/chocolate drinks menu
this is polyjuice potion and it tastes fabulous, i’m not even kidding
this drink is called ‘Blood Mixture’ but it doesn’t taste as nice as Polyjuice Potion
some food i ordered

I am not really sure what ingredients are the drinks made from, let’s just drink and not ask too many questions. :p


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